L&HH 1st Night Numbers Are In!



Season 4 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has a new cast mate, new drama and a bunch of new scandals. Including Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape, which ranked in over 3.8M viewers! And another 2 million tuned in for the repeat that same evening. The show is set to air at a special time this week tonight at 8pm E/T. Stevie finds out about the tape… Hope your ready fans. 

LL&HA Rasheeda and Kirk’s Baby Shower//Erica Dixon’s New Man


Looks like there may still be some love in hip-hop. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost just had a baby shower for there expected Baby Karter. Family and friends came out to celebrate with the couple.


Rasheeda’s close friend, Kandi Burruss posed with singer Nivea… Dag they couldn’t tell her she had some lipstick on her teeth or not to put that fit on? #shade Lol.


Toya Wright, Rasheeda’s BFF got cozy with her probably godson to be in photogs. (Cleary why Rasheeda didn’t believe K.Michelle about her domestic violence case). Also in attendance was, LL&HA star Erica Dixon showed off her new man at the event!


Erica’s now dating model Oshea Russell. Since her relationship life has been in a whirlwind between Scrappy and the “alleged married man”, it’s no surprise rumors about her new guy has risen. Let’s see how Scrappy deals with this new situation. Lol

Love Lost in Hip Hop: Nicki Vents on L&HH’s Kirk Frost


If you didnt get a chance to catch VH1’s L&HHA last night, PEOPLE WERE TRIPPYYYY and everyone including Ms. Minaj had something to say. After seeing Rasheeda‘s Baby Shower (without Kirk), L&HHA shows Kirk underneath a couple unknown females in hottub and more!


Nicki tweeted her opinion on his continuos foul antics:


Kirk has to stay ALL THE WAY STRONG! Hahaha. Not only was Kirk bugging. Ms. Joseline Hernandez had the nerve to ask Stevie J for an engagement! I literally almost died of laughter. Is she SERIOUS???? Is Stevie Serious???? Rumor has it that the couple got hitched in Puerto Rico recently…. Hmm….