Earlier this week, DaBaby took back to the streets he grew up in, Charlotte, North Carolina. The grammy and hosted a voters registration event, “Vote Baby Vote”. It was a three-hour long event that provided the community with information about the voting process and attendees were able to register. In addition to bringing awareness to the community, free COVID19 testing was available on site. Salute to DaBaby for his continued use of his platform, for such important matters. Not only is DaBaby giving back, so is the Houston Hottie.

Source: NY TIMES

Megan Thee Stallion has launched a scholarship fund for women of color. The ” Don’t Stop” scholarship will fund 2 recipients with a $10,000 scholarship to women of color pursuing a degree. The recipient can be pursuing any degree from associates to post-graduate degrees. The website is not up yet but Miss Kai’s Juice will keep you in the mix.



In case you missed last night’s vice presidential debate between candidate Sen. Kamala Harris and candidate VP. Mike Pence, conversations were more clear than the first presidential debate but VP Pence avoided answering many questions directly. The two went back and forth but when interrupted, Sen. Harris, kept her composure and politely stated, ” I’m speaking”. This is how you’re suppose to do it.

Some key takeaways were: the Coronavirus battle, COVID19 vaccines, foreign relations, racism in the U.S. and the next future Supreme Court justice. All important topics to address but they did not spend any time to discuss healthcare or what the new year plan will look like to combat COVID19.

Take the time to watch the debates and learn about the candidates you are voting for . If you’re unsure about your registration status, click here. Also check out the map below to check the last day to register in your state.

Every vote counts. Take the time to make a difference in the future of our country.



R&B Heartthrob, Trey Songz is back. His new album, Back Home is dropping in 3 days. He has been teasing fans on social media all week, posting the 22 song track-list and some new photos. The album features some great collaborations that fans should look out for. Can’t wait to hear this album, it’s what the people have been waiting for.


In other news, Songz, recently, revealed to the world the he tested positive for COVID-19. He utilized his social media platforms to bring more awareness to the seriousness of the virus. Great job using your voice for the greater good. Everyone practice social distancing, wear a mask and be kind. Miss Kai’s Juice would like to send prayers out to Trey and we hope he has a speedy recovery.

Taraji P. Henson Set To Host Talk Show Focusing On Mental Health

Source: Variety

Award Winning Actress, Taraji P. Henson is launching a new talk show on Facebook Watch. The show will highlight mental health specifically within the Black community. Initially entitled, ” Peace of Mind with Taraji”, the show will also feature celebrity interviews, mental health experts and regular everyday people, discussing mental health issues. The show is going to begin filming this year and she will be joined by her best friend, Traci Jade Jenkins.

Jenkins is the executive director of Henson’s non-profit organization, the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. In 2018, the actress started the company and named it after her late father, who battled with mental health issues, following a tour in Vietnam. The foundation focuses on erasing the stigma about mental health issues in the African-American community. Henson is very passionate about this mission. Each episode will narrow in on a variety of mental health topics.

No premier date has been released.

2020 VP Debate: Educate Yourself and VOTE!

We know that everyone is not into politics… But we know that everyone has their own needs living in the United States of America. What a lot of people don’t know or chose to ignore is that voting even on a local level makes a difference. It starts at the bottom but right now in this moment, this is the second most important election ( following President Obama’s election), in the United States history. It is late in the game but the final votes still count. Do your research on the candidates, weigh the pros and cons. Know what the candidates plan on executing and how it can impact you directly. Let us give you a scenario… Currently, Trump is being treated for COVID19. In the event that his health declines during this time, the possibility of the 25th amendment is put into effect… That means that the current VP Pence will then become the President. Do you know anything about VP Pence and what he stands for ?… Take the time to do your research. Tune into the next debate this Wednesday, October 7,2020 VP. Mike Pence vs. Sen. Kamala Harris. The future our nation depends on us. VOTE. VOTE VOTE.

Live From NYC: Chris Rock Kicks Off Season 46 of SNL

While some of you may have been sleeping, Saturday Night Live aired their 46th season. The show was hosted by Chris Rock and included fresh new skits and some new faces. Life as we know it has changed drastically since COVID-19, but SNL was there to relieve some of that stress that may have been building up. One of the highlights of the night was Alec Baldwin and Jim Carrey’s sketch reenacting the disastrous Presidential debate that occurred earlier this week. Chris Rock was joined by musical guest, Megan Thee Stallion.


The rapper had a powerful message to send about black women being the most disrespected and unprotected person in the world. In addition, she emphasized how important it is to protect black women and protect black men. Touching on the ongoing senseless violence against black men in America.


Something that caught many eyes in one of Megan’s performances was the visual of bleeding gunshots in the backdrop. This clearly was in reference to Megan Thee Stallion becoming a gun violence survivor back in August. While the jury is still out on that case, the message was still very much truthful and needs to be heard on a national platform regularly until changes occur.

Saturday Night Live has announced that the next two episodes will be hosted by Insecure’s Issa Rae and comedian Bill Burr.


Source: Dennis Leupold/Savage X Fenty via AP

If you caught Vol. 1, you’re definitely going to love Vol.2! Rihanna is bringing a new digital-only Savage X Fenty lingerie show. In collaboration with some of Hollywood and fashions biggest names, Rihanna wanted to bring something positive during a time filled with negatives. The brand provides luxury, yet reasonable lingerie for all shapes and sizes. The show will feature the beautiful models for the Savage X Fenty brand, as well as special performances from artist like Ella Mai, Bad Bunny, Roddy Rich, Miguel and more. Other appearance include, Lizzo, Big Sean and Normani. Something to lookout for is the collaboration with Christian Combs. The pair have created boxers for both men and women that can be seen in the Fall 2020 collection. The show drops today, available exclusively for Amazon Prime Video. The show will be available internationally in over 240 countries.




Yesterday on Instagram, Teigen announced on her page that her and Legend have unfortunately suffered from the loss of their baby boy, Jack. Teigen explained in a heartfelt post what she and the baby went through. Baby Jack would’ve been the couples third edition. God bless Baby Jack and Chrissy.

The Miss Kai’s Juice staff would like to extend condolences to the Legend family in their time of loss.