As many know actor, comedian and musician Jaime Foxx was hospitalized back in early April 2023 due to what was described as medical complications. Foxx was in the middle of production of his new film with Cameron Diaz, Back in Action, when the actor fell ill in Georgia. Sources reported that there’s no connection between the two.

Since the announcement of his medical complication from his daughter Corinne , it’s reported that Foxx is awake and alert but the family are still requesting prayers as he is not totally out of the woods. Sources say that the doctors continue to run tests on him.

In wake of Jamie’s current health conditions, FOX Network has found another host to replace him on the hit show “Beat Shazam”. The star hosted the program alongside his Corinne, who also won’t be appearing. In addition to “Beat Shazam”, Back in Action has also resumed production, focusing on Diaz’s scene’s and using body doubles for Foxx.

Today, Foxx broke his silence by posting on social media, saying that he has been feeling the love.

Miss Kai’s Juice is sending prayers and hope of a speedy recovery for the legend and his family

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