The Memo

$22.00 is the price he paid

One hoodie, a pack of skittles and a tea

That sounds about right.

Oh wait. I forgot the extra bag of candy for his little brother.

He fell to the floor

Did he say anything?

Did he try and run?

Did he finish drinking his tea?

Had the skittles digested in his 17 year old stomach?

Questions left unanswered.

They say racism doesn’t exist in America anymore.

Did George Zimmerman get that memo?

I wrote this poem in February 2012 in my Senior year of college…. On July 13,2013 George Zimmerman was found not guilty for the murder of Trayvon Martin………..I’m so scared for what the future of America has to hold. My young black men, stop the violence and start with knowledge. Knowledge is the only way we’re going to surpass all of this. Don’t be scared, just rise to the occasion like the leaders of our past did. Miss Kai’s Juice sends their love to the family and friends to Trayvon Martin.

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