I awoke to some horrible news this week. After a day of fun times at the beach, BBQs with great family, friends and loved ones, and celebration of our “independence”, I see posts on my instagram page of another Bison innocently shot and killed. Even though I never formally met Omar Sykes, we shared a connection that brings us together mentally and emotionally. That connection is Howard University Bison connection. It hurts my heart to see another Bison who would have made a huge positive impact on today’s world.

 My heart is filled with joy to see the support the Howard University community has already shown our fellow Bison. Tweets have been sent, Instagram pictures, videos, and messages have been posted, stories have been written to show how much we support our own. The Bison connection is stronger than any love anyone could ever feel. From the moment you step on the campus of “The Mecca”, you feel the love and support you will endure until it is time for you to walk across the stage and even then the love never stops.

  Like I stated earlier, I did not personally know Omar Sykes and my prayers and heart go out to his family, friends, and loved ones. But just know, myself and the millions of Howard Bison around the world got your back. Miss Kai will carry on your legacy and journey. The best thing we can do to carry on Omar’s legacy, is stay on track with our lives. We become the successful doctors around the world. We become successful writers and win awards that will leave our name in the history books. We become successful teachers to produce the Omar Sykes and the rest of the game changers around the world. Don’t worry Miss Kai has signed her name on the dotted line, to continue what you have started.

Peace, Love, and Music my fellow Howard Bison.

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