SQUEEZE ALERT: K. FOXX LET GO FROM HOT 97// In The Mix:Gossip Games Cancelled?


There have been rumors fluttering about K. Foxx no longer being with Hot 97’s Morning Show. Ebony magazine recently caught up with the radio hostess and CONFIRMS that she was in fact fired from the station. Check out some of the interview below:

EBONY: So word broke that you’ve left HOT-97. You’re not going to be on the air over there anymore?

K. Foxx: No, I’m not…Do you find that odd?

EBONY: It’s just so sudden. No two week notice or anything?

KF: In radio, they don’t give you a two week notice because you could just go on the air and wild out, and say “F*ck you!” and all that. So they have you do a shift and tell you after your shift not to come back. It’s not unheard of for you not know what’s going on up till then.

EBONY: How do your co-hosts, Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds feel about you not being at the station anymore? 

KF: They’re shocked. And confused…I’m a good person. I always came in to work I wasn’t a bitch to anyone. I always smiled. Did lots of events. I was a team player. [DJ Funkmaster] Flex called me and he said: “You didn’t deserve this. You rode for HOT-97.” I wore that logo on my back.

EBONY: Do you think VH1’s Gossip Game reality TV show contributed to problems at work?

KF: I really don’t know. I really don’t know. I didn’t know I had any problems at work. If I did, that’s news to me.

EBONY: What did you think when Ebro Darden said on the show that “you’ve seen all the rappers’ Johnsons” and that you “got your job” at HOT-97 by sleeping with someone–that you “slept your way to the top”?

KF: I was thinking—is he saying that “the top” is HOT- 97? That’s the top? For me it’s not. So, I just think that when somebody says that they’re just trying

I don’t know. She sounds like she’s just trying to stay as professional as possible because…. She had way more words on Vh1’s Gossip Games. Which is rumored to NOT be returning for a second season. Who’s to blame??? Hm…

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