As many know actor, comedian and musician Jaime Foxx was hospitalized back in early April 2023 due to what was described as medical complications. Foxx was in the middle of production of his new film with Cameron Diaz, Back in Action, when the actor fell ill in Georgia. Sources reported that there’s no connection between the two.

Since the announcement of his medical complication from his daughter Corinne , it’s reported that Foxx is awake and alert but the family are still requesting prayers as he is not totally out of the woods. Sources say that the doctors continue to run tests on him.

In wake of Jamie’s current health conditions, FOX Network has found another host to replace him on the hit show “Beat Shazam”. The star hosted the program alongside his Corinne, who also won’t be appearing. In addition to “Beat Shazam”, Back in Action has also resumed production, focusing on Diaz’s scene’s and using body doubles for Foxx.

Today, Foxx broke his silence by posting on social media, saying that he has been feeling the love.

Miss Kai’s Juice is sending prayers and hope of a speedy recovery for the legend and his family


Last year, Trevor Noah announced the end to his long run on the Daily Show and fans were shocked and saddened by the announcement. Noah was a late night favorite for many however, after only four months away from America’s home televisions, they won’t have to wait for him much longer.

The late night host has landed his new gig. Noah will be bringing a U.S version of a popular U.K program called Mock the Week. The series will be coming to Amazon Freevee and will also feature the co-creator, Dan Patterson. The show will run for 30 minutes an episode and will bring stand-up , improv, satire and more. We all know. Trevor Noah is best know for his humorous personality so this will be a great treat for fans.


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Last night in New York City, the stars were out and shining bright at the fashion’s hottest night out, The Met Gala. From The Wades to Ice Spice, the celebrities poured onto the red carpet in their ode’s to the late Karl Lagerfeld . One of the big moments of the night was when the Ohanians hit the red carpet revealing Serena’s new bun in the oven. This comes after the tennis superstar retired last year and expressing the want to continue to expand her family. That look Muva rocked was a Gucci. The powerhouse wasn’t the only star rocking her baby bump on the carpet either.

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Almost an hour and half late, to close the carpet festivities, Queen Muva Rihanna herself arrived with longtime superstar rapper A$AP Rocky. The couple are expecting their second child together, after a show stopping announcement at the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Dripping in bridal white, designed by Valentino. She revealed on the carpet that her rose jacket was hand made, last minute and each rose took 30 hours to create! The expecting Muva also came through with an amazing pregnancy glow. Or is that her pregnancy glow plus that good Fenty beauty glow? Either way, she looked beautiful. Congratulations to all the expecting Muvas


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With the French Open in full swing, four time Grand Slam winner, Naomi Osaka has suddenly withdrawn from the tournament. The tennis star, has been missing press conferences and was facing a possible disqualification or suspension, if her behavior continued. Osaka was fined $15,000 after refusing to speak with reporters following her win during the first round at the Open. On Monday, she then removed herself from the tournament all together. Osaka took to her Twitter account to explain that she has been suffering from “long bouts of depression and social anxiety”. The No.2 ranked tennis player revealed that she has been experiencing these mental health bouts since the US Open back in 2018.So

The Grand Slam administrators responded to Osaka’s sudden departure by pledging to address players’ who may be struggling with their mental health. The Grand Slam released a statement, which said the following:

The mental health of players competing in our tournaments and on the Tours is of the utmost importance to the Grand Slams…We individually and collectively have significant resources dedicated to player well-being. In order to continue to improve however, we need engagement from the players to understand their perspective and find ways to improve their experiences. Every year we seek to deliver better experiences to our fans, our players and our people, and we have a long and successful track record in achievement on this count.


In addition that statement, another statement was released on Tuesday from tournament officials directly to what Osaka is going through.

On behalf of the Grand Slams, we wish to offer Naomi Osaka our support and assistance in any way possible as she takes time away from the court. She is an exceptional athlete and we look forward to her return as soon as she deems appropriate…Mental health is a very challenging issue, which deserves our utmost attention. It is both complex and personal, as what affects one individual does not necessarily affect another. We commend Naomi for sharing in her own words the pressures and anxieties she is feeling and we empathize with the unique pressures tennis players may face.


Naomi Osaka is most definitely not alone with battling mental health issues. According to sources,

Approximately 46.6 million people are living with mental illness in the US. That’s 1 in 5 adults who will be living with a mental health condition at some point in their lives… Among professional athletes, data shows that up to 35% of elite athletes suffer from a mental health crisis which may manifest as stress, eating disorders, burnout, or depression and anxiety. 


Identifying and addressing any mental health concerns is very important. Do not be ashamed or judged for seeking help. There are more resources than many know about. Normalize breaking the stigma of going to therapy. Support one another in your battles. Take time for self-care, that is the most important piece of advice that can be given. We are rooting for you Naomi! We are rooting for anybody dealing with any kind of mental health battles.


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We know you’ve been waiting to find out what the Freshly Squeezed section is about. Freshly Squeezed is a monthly feature of a black owned business. Find fresh fashion and seasonal trends through some amazing business that provide a variety of eclectic creations. Submit a black owned business that you would like to see highlighted at Click today to find out who this month spotlight goes too.


Everyday around the world Black history is being made. The last spotlight of the week is dedicated to Opera singer, Leontyne Price. Black people are the roots of this country and our history has made such an impact on the American culture. This spotlight series was to showcase pacemakers and game changers of yesterday and today. As the month of February comes to a close, we want you to think, how you can do to contribute to black history today. Tomorrow is not promised so make the most of what you have today.


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Ackquille J. Pollard more famously known as Bobby Shmurda was released from the Clinton Correctional Facility this morning at 8:30am.

Shmurda was charged back in 2014 for multiple crimes including: murder, attempted murder and drug dealing. During his 6 year bid, he racked up 11 violations which in the long run got his request for parole, to be denied back in 2020.

The rapper’s most recent release date announced was scheduled for December 2021. He was permitted an early release following a review by the Time Allowance Committee. Shmurda demonstrated good behavior and participated in prison programs following his streak of bad behavior.

Shmurda will be under parole supervision for another five years, ending on February 23, 2026.

Of course his first order of business was to call his mom. Family and friends including rap superstar Quavo who picked him up on a jet to come home warmly welcome the rapper home. Welcome Home Bobby! We can’t wait for that new music. But until then… Aht Aht Aht!

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Legends never die, their legacy lives on forever. Black History Month Spotlight of the Week is still on the move. This week, we are highlighting innovator extraordinaire, Madame C.J. Walker. A true pioneer and staple in the African American community. Did you know that she invented the first hot comb? Stay tuned for more Black History all month long.


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The world can say their final farewells to the legendary actress, Cicely Tyson at a public viewing today at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem. Tyson was a long time member of the church and will be available to view from 10am to 6pm. COVID-19 protocol will be in place, masks and social distancing will be required. Please be advised that photographs and video will not be permitted.

Tyson was a New York native born on December 19,1924. In the early days of her career, the Harlem native, modeled before becoming the star we knew her as. Tyson was the recipient of 49 awards and has been nominated for numerous other prestigious honors. Tyson most recently released her memoir right before her passing. She was truly a lady of style, grace and talent. 

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Ms. Tyson was 96 years old when she departed on January 28, 2021. Her impact of the culture will forever live on. Sending love and light to the Tyson family and friends.